Hotel 360 Touch Solution Now Available

Hotel 360 Touch Solution Now Available

Hotel 360 Touch Solution Available Now

Hotel 360 Touch is a front desk touchscreen, displaying all the hotel rooms and facilities in 360ºVR, assisting in upgrading rooms and closing venue sales.

“Viewing a suite in 360º and having an option of a good late deal at check-in will certainly grab the customers attention. We envisage hotel businesses to increase revenue by existing customers making an impulsive purchase, when offered a room upgrade” says Charles Woods, owner of Action Marketing.

“Upgrading rooms is part of the Hotel 360 Touch solution. There are also options to show meeting and conference rooms in various layouts. For venues that specialise in wedding events the reception, dining area and dance floor can be shown to the client in 360º – what an experience!”

Hotel 360 Touch is available now, pricing varies depending on the size of the venue.

We have a number of hotels already signed up although there are a few early adopter slots still available which are offered at a reduced rate.

For further information and pricing contact 0161 850 3590 or 07863 116150 to arrange a free consultation and demonstration. website: email:

Press Release

The new Hotel 360 Touch Press Release can be downloaded here.

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Brochure Download

The new Hotel 360 Touch brochure can be downloaded here.

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Cars of the World Exhibition, Iceland

Cars of the World Exhibition, Iceland

Cars of the World Exhibition, Iceland

Jonathan Taylor was impressed with our marketing activity at the Stand Out forum and asked us to promote Cars of the World Exhibition in Iceland. The idea behind the projects was to explore the unique automotive culture of Iceland and shooting cars in locations that characterise the architecture and design of their locations.

“The Iceland project is where monster 4x4s and American classic sedans compete for attention with colourful corrugated houses and modern Scandinavian architecture and landscape” says Jonathan.

How did we do? Creating awareness is paramount to making a photographic exhibition a success. We decided to concentrate on Tourism, High Street stores, Events pages, Car garages, Architects and newspapers. After creating and distributing a press release to all of our data contacts, we then sent a poster advertising the exhibition to Tourism and High Street stores. We also registered the exhibition on the events pages, this was immediately included in their listings which proved a valuable exercise. This was the first exhibition in Iceland for Jonathan and we were delighted to make this a success and he was happy to see our activity pushed the event up the Google search and rankings.

Do you need help promoting Imaging events? Contact us to discuss how we can write your invitations, create e-shots and feed the event into social media channels.

Phase One Stand Out Photographic Forum

Phase One Stand Out Photographic Forum

Marketing the Phase One Stand Out Photographic Forum.

STAND OUT is an industry event aimed at those that want to differentiate themselves and their business from the crowd. STAND OUT will provide the opportunity to explore ideas and learn from other professionals in the photo industry. This event is ideal for professional photographers, serial enthusiasts or aspiring students or any imaging professional that would like to excel in their work and business.

The STAND OUT is where you can learn about the latest cutting-edge products and techniques being used by the leading professionals and enthusiasts in a hands-on and seminar based forum.

The STAND OUT event brings together leading photographic brands under one roof to demonstrate their products to you in an intimate and meaningful manner. Put a face to the brand, meet some of the most knowledgeable resources in the industry.

How did we do?

During the event we presented Cambo cameras and lenses. Representatives from Colour Confidence, Lastolite, Manfrotto, ProFoto and Wacom were on-hand to discuss and demonstrate their products.

The event was very busy with a lot of familiar faces. We were particularly impressed with the feedback from Phase One “When we checked the marketing activity, many of the visitors came because of your e-shot invitations and social media activity”

Do you need help promoting Imaging events?

Contact us to discuss how we can write your invitations, create e-shots and feed the event into social media channels.

Top 100 Camera Blog; We won an award and we’d like to tell you about it

Top 100 Camera Blog; We won an award and we’d like to tell you about it

Top 100 Camera Blog; We won an award and we’d like to tell you about it…

In 2011 we launched a blog site in the UK for, Cambo to announce new products, technical information and photographers that use their equipment. The market for technical camera systems is quite a niche area so after a lot of promotion and marketing by 2016 we reached 100,000 readers. After our series of location test shoots the blog has already reached 130,000 readers.

What is the value of a blog? This is always a difficult question to answer. However, we know when our activity is successful when one of our clients said they had 14.5k hits on their Facebook site and they didn’t create any marketing. Our blogs are posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then we send an email to subscribers and our database. With backlinks the readers then hit our clients site, hence the large number of hits. In short, we tag the right way and the Google bots find our posts in all medias. The value of a blog can also be compared to the costs of printing a product review and the readership. A printed version is costly, more time restricted in delivering the material and the printed version will have limited shelf life. When the print version is out of date the blog is still searchable and will remain online for a very long time!

Along the journey we also brought in large sales for Cambo, not just in the UK, but also for dealers worldwide. After one review the sales of cameras for one US dealer peaked for over 3 months. Sales can be measured providing there is feedback from the order department to the marketing team.

Our efforts were recently rewarded as we ranked in the Top 100 Camera Blogs. In fact, we came 32nd but were very pleased with our position as this particular blog is only for one product line and we publish once per week! Our colleagues Sony came 69th so you can imagine how pleased we are to receive recognition. DPReview as expected came first as they publish an average of 39 blogs per week.

A big thank you goes out to our readers and the contacts in our database. Also to Heather, our Google expert, for taking care of the E-Blasts and keeping our data up to date. Without the back office work our blogs would not have the hit rate we achieved.

How are the Top 100 Camera Blogs ranked?

The Best Camera blogs are ranked from thousands of top Camera blogs in Feedspot’s index using search and social metrics. Data is refreshed once a week. These blogs are ranked based on the following criteria;

  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

Do you need an effective blog to market your products to build sales, your brand and customer relations? We can provide consultancy and advice to develop a solution to increase market awareness and readership. We can maintain a blog or hand-over the ownership once setup and developed.. On-going training can also be provided or we could take care of the whole process.

Contact us for further details; Tel. +44(0)161 850 3590.

Company Video Winner…

Company Video Winner…

We have a WINNER! At the GMBIZEXPO 2016 we held a business card draw to win a Company Video. This is an ideal promotional video to show off what your business is all about.

With Video traffic already reaching more than 65%, the expected growth is 80% by 2019, this is the perfect way of pushing your website up through the Google searches…

Action Marketing Winner

Drum roll………. and the WINNER of the Company Video is…


Congratulations, we will be in contact to start scripting your Company video and we are looking forward to visiting you at your new premises.

For further information about our services please call 0161 850 3590 or send us an email

GMBIZEXPO 2016 – At the Show

GMBIZEXPO 2016 – At the Show

Thank you for visiting us at GMBizExpo 2016. The show was very busy and we have made some great contacts. We are now sorting through all the business cards and will soon announce a winner of the Company Video Clip – the winner will appear here and on our twitter site @actionmcuk – Good luck!

For further information about our services please call 0161 850 3590 or send us an email


We are exhibiting at GMBizExpo 2016

We are exhibiting at GMBizExpo 2016

We are exhibiting at the Greater Manchester Business Exhibition #GMBizExpo on Tuesday 15th March 2016. Come along for a chat about the services we can offer.

On the day we will be collecting business cards for the chance to win a Company Video Clip. You’ll be able to add this to your website to give your clients an overview of your business.

We are at Stand 54, The Greater Manchester Business Exhibition, The Hilton Hotel, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ.


Market Research

Market Research

We are currently researching imaging products. For further information about our services and how we can help your business, drop us a line and we’ll be pleased to discuss your project.

Our services include;

  • Product evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Investigate Local and International sales channels
  • Market price evaluation
  • Product roadmap


Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

Action Marketing and Consultancy would like to thank you for your custom and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


We will be closed on 24th December 2015 – 4th January 2016

New Product Announcement – Press Release/Blog

New Product Announcement – Press Release/Blog

Today we announced a new product for one of our clients. The press release was re-written to attract photographers that wish to use the Actus with a wide angle lens and DSLR. We also took care to email the press release to contacts and the press. For more information our services please email;

Today Cambo announced a new lens for the Actus camera system. The ACTAR-24 is a lens specifically designed to be used with the Cambo Actus, using a Mirrorless camera or DSLR system to capture the image.


So what’s the big deal? Why have Cambo designed a new lens?

When using DSLR’s with the Actus there is a limitation when using wide angle lenses. This limitation is not an issue with the Actus but a physics issue. Cameras using a mirror (mirror box), such as Canon and Nikon, have digital sensors positioned behind the mirror, which restricts the type of lenses you can use. Its not a problem if you wanted to use a Hasselblad V series or Mamiya lenses. As these lenses were designed for use with medium format camera bodies and the capture (film) area is positioned behind a mirror just as the DSLR sensor is. So focussing is not an issue and the image circle is so large that you will be able to take advantage of all the movements the Actus has to offer.

However, not every photographer has access to medium format lenses and they are becoming a bit of a rare find in your local camera store. They also command a high price, which you would expect when using a fine optic such as the Hasselblad 40mm Distagon.

With this in mind, Cambo set out to resolve the issue and bring a new product to market to satisfy the large number of Canon and Nikon photographers. These photographers want to utilise the full functionality of the Actus mini view camera and also be able to repeat the movements easily. The Actar-24 can be used with a wide range of cameras not just Canon and Nikon. You can use the lens with Canon, Nikon, Sony A7, Fuji X, Panasonic, Leica M and Olympus OMD.

And the specifications?

The lens is a 24mm wide angle with a manual aperture ranging from f3.5-22 with half click stops, making it ideal for landscape and architectural photography. The ACTAR-24 is fixed in a lens panel that slots into the front of the Actus making it easy to set up and quickly packaway. Those die-hard landscape photographers that are conscious of carrying a lot of kit in the field will be delighted to know it only weighs-in at 660grams.


The optical design is 16 elements in 11 groups, all lenses are multi-coated to achieve the best contrast range. There is also an 82mm filter thread to add a UV for protection or you can enhance your creative flair by adding a filter kit.

There is almost no geometrical distortion. The ACTAR-24 has a 60mm image circle, which enables optical horizontal shift of 10mm left and right. So when using a full frame sensor (24×36) the maximum horizontal stitched area is 24mm x 56mm. The rise/fall is 12mm up and down, a total stitched area of 48mm x 56mm with 9 images.
If you have read my previous articles, such as Stitching with the Fuji XT-1, when using the ACTAR-24 with an APS-C size sensor the shift increases to 15mm left & right and 17mm rise & fall.
The ACTAR-24 is available in December 2015, priced at €1,360.00 which is approximately £980.00 excluding VAT/Taxes and delivery. Call your local dealer to pre-order.
For more information and to arrange a demonstration please contact Cambo UK on M:07863 116150 or send us an email request;