Virtual Reality 360º Tours

Tourism Solution

Virtual Reality is an ideal platform to increase visitors to tourist areas and promote local businesses. It’s also a great way to plan your weekend or add a location to your road trip.

The Worsley Virtual Tour starts at The Packet House and takes you on a trip along the canal finishing at Worsley Court House. Along the way we have added images and further information will be added as the project develops.

Anyone looking to visit an area they have never been to before can experience through VR Tour what it has to offer. This can include walks, historical monuments and buildings, parks, visitor attractions, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops.

We can even add something for the kids to find, did you spot the ducks along the canal?

Your business can be included in the tour, or you can have your own VR Tour, contact us and we’ll explain how.

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After creating a storyboard for your walkthrough, we capture a range of 360º images for the Tour and insert detailed photos. We charge for the onsite photoshoot and an add-on rate for 360º Tour updates.

Video Production

Areas of your business may be better explained via video clips. We can create the clips and insert them in the 360º Tour. Videos can also be embedded from your company video channel. Alternatively we can shoot 360º Tour Videos.


Text cards displaying technical information, opening times, history, credits and images can be added within the 360º tour. Options are available to add information within the VR Headset version.

360º VR Interface

Your Immersive 360º VR Interface will be delivered for your Website. When your visitors click the link they can view the tour via their browser. This is compatible with Mac/Windows, iPad/iPhone and Android Tablet/Smartphones.

360º Presentation Content

As an option we can deliver your Immersive 360º VR packaged as .exe playable on Windows or a Mac version if required. This is particularly useful should you wish to present your tour when an internet connection is not available.

360º VR Headset

Your Immersive 360º Tour can be converted to be viewed via VR headsets. The tested versions are Samsung GEAR VR, Oculus, VIVE, Daydream, Google Cardboard, VR BOX and Goji. The Virtual Tour is iOS and Android compatible.

Auto Virtual Tour Solution

The McLaren team is wearing VR headsets to design their cars in 3D. This enables the customer to view the car prior to purchase. This type of technology is great when the customer is in the showroom. We produce 360º Auto Tours, that can be emailed, to entice the customer to visit the showroom.

We capture Virtual Tour images enabling you to show the complete car, the interior, steering controls, centre console, front and rear passenger seats. The content can include 360º still images, 360º video images, still image inserts or video inserts.

Audio can be added; whether this is background music, voiceover commentary or the sound of the new turbo powered Chevy Camaro. It all helps to enhance the customer experience.

Virtual Tours are ideal to promote new models appearing in the showrooms, you can send a link to customers that may have missed your open day – this will help you keep customer contact and entice them to book a test drive. Add the tour to your website and customers can view via PC Tablets/iPads or Smartphones.

Vehicles can be imaged in your showroom in 360º and there are options to add external scenery to avoid distractions through the vehicles windows. More tabs can be added to show model choices, then simply click on the tab to see the vehicle.

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Play this tour back on your iPhone or Google Chrome on your PC/laptop. With sound on we have a rock style on the drivers side and classic style towards the passenger side. Commentary can be added to either, call us to discuss.

Shop Virtual Tour Solution

Your shop window is the first introduction to your customer. We produce 360º Shop Tours, that can be emailed, to entice the customer to visit your shop or showroom.

Customers are interested to see the brands you offer, click through to check you stock certain products and also visit upper and lower floors. The customer can then call in to shop or order online.

Audio can be added; you can add a personal welcome message, a friendly voice that they may also hear when they visit your shop.

Virtual Tours are ideal to promote new products appearing in your shop, you can send a link to customers that may have missed a launch day – this will help you keep customer contact.

We can shoot product videos to add into the tour and there will be the option to spin products round, effectively viewing items on a rotating table.

More tabs can be added to show your other stores, the locations and also the brands they stock.

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Our Virtual Tours can be played back on your Smartphone, PC/Mac or you can have an in-store continuous VR display. Background music can be inserted or a voiceover for your current special offers and sale items. Contact us to discuss these options.

Customised Solutions

We create Custom 360º Virtual Reality Tours designed around your brand. Perfect for visitors to travel to your museum, store, factory, car showroom or property sites.

Additional information can be tagged in such as links, video, images, information, custom navigation and more.

Check out the site we produced recently for the Astley Mining Museum. The text and images have been enlarged so can be easily seen and read on a mobile device and VR headset.

How can you view via a VR headset? Click the VR link at the bottom right of your Smartphone and select the lenses as required.

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