We arranged the following venue and the videographer to present a range of video products. This blog was created and mailed to our contacts and UK press. For more information about future events in the UK please email; info@actionmc.co.uk

KitPlus MediaCity UK

At the venue we will be showing the Artes EPT, a lightweight boom system and the V-15 Camera Jib popular with cameramen demanding a robust but portable system. Our VPD pedestal and rigs will also be shown – special offers will be available on the day.

New to many videographers is the Cambo ACTUS system. The ACTUS camera platform enables videographers and photographers to tilt or swing the lens to adjust the focus plane. By controlling the plane of focus you can correct vertical lines and also create a specific area of focus.


©Tim Shoebridge

Click the image above to play Tim Shoebridge’s “City of London Timelapse” captured using the Cambo ACTUS and Sony A7 series cameras.

The ACTUS is remarkably lightweight, its portable and has tilt/swing for the lens and shift/rise/fall for the camera. The system is available for cameras that are Canon, Sony-E, MIcro 4/3 and Nikon fit. Recently Cambo have added a new Canon lens mount adapter to the range which currently includes; Hasselblad, Mamiya, Leica, Schneider, Rodenstock and Nikon lens plates.

Kitplus 250x90_rollingbannerWe look forward to seeing you at Kitplus, if you can’t make it please subscribe to the blog and we will let you know when the next event is.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration please contact Cambo UK on M:07863 116150 or send us an email request; cambouk@gmail.com

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