Cars of the World Exhibition, Iceland

Jonathan Taylor was impressed with our marketing activity at the Stand Out forum and asked us to promote Cars of the World Exhibition in Iceland. The idea behind the projects was to explore the unique automotive culture of Iceland and shooting cars in locations that characterise the architecture and design of their locations.

“The Iceland project is where monster 4x4s and American classic sedans compete for attention with colourful corrugated houses and modern Scandinavian architecture and landscape” says Jonathan.

How did we do? Creating awareness is paramount to making a photographic exhibition a success. We decided to concentrate on Tourism, High Street stores, Events pages, Car garages, Architects and newspapers. After creating and distributing a press release to all of our data contacts, we then sent a poster advertising the exhibition to Tourism and High Street stores. We also registered the exhibition on the events pages, this was immediately included in their listings which proved a valuable exercise. This was the first exhibition in Iceland for Jonathan and we were delighted to make this a success and he was happy to see our activity pushed the event up the Google search and rankings.

Do you need help promoting Imaging events? Contact us to discuss how we can write your invitations, create e-shots and feed the event into social media channels.

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